Meze Turky Food (English)

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In Turkey, meze frequently comprise of beyaz peynir (truly "white cheddar"), kavun (cut ready melon), acılı ezme (hot pepper glue regularly with walnuts), haydari (thick stressed yogurt with herbs), patlıcan salatası (chilly eggplant plate of mixed greens), beyin salatası (cerebrum plate of mixed greens), kalamar tava (browned calamari or squid), midye dolma and midye tava (stuffed or singed mussels), enginar (artichokes), cacık (yogurt with cucumber and garlic), pilaki (nourishments cooked in an extraordinary sauce), dolma or sarma (rice-stuffed vine leaves or other stuffed vegetables, for example, chime peppers), arnavut ciğeri (a liver dish, served cool), octopus serving of mixed greens, and çiğ köfte (crude meatballs with bulgur).

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